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It's time to create a stress-free, automated and launch-happy marketing strategy. A Strategy that leads to brand loyalty and of course, sales! 

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It's wild times out there. Let's take your ENTIRE business online. We're going virtual, baby!

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Okay, but I've heard that before

Look, you're no stranger to the internet. You've scrolled through, clicked through and downloaded one too many "ultimate checklists" promising you that this is the ONLY thing you 'll ever need to build your six-figure business. And, surprise, surprise it wasn't the magic antidote...

I know because this was me just over a year ago...

I spent hours searching for and consuming any piece of "this is it" entrepreneur content I could get my paws on. I was overwhelmed by my to-do list and the, "how am I going to get this done" question, that I lost sight of my priorities. So, like many entrepreneurs before me, I shouted from the balcony of my 600 sq ft condo, "there's gotta be a better way!"

and then THE WOLFE CO. was born

A resource hub for entrepreneurs like yourself. Craving no fluff, digital and social media marketing programs, workshops and content. The stuff that will ACTUALLY drive your business forward and produce sales. We really break-down the process and focus on execution and launching (the formula for any good marketing strategy). Honestly, it's badass -- take a gander below.

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It's wild times out there. Let's take your ENTIRE business online. We're going virtual, baby!

Get my FREE guide on setting up webinars and virtual events

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No fluff courses and programs for you to learn the latest digital and social media marketing for your business.

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Small and carefully curated group workshops to maximize action and one-on-one support.

Starting at $99

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90-min or custom marketing strategy sessions to design your complete plan, campaigns and launches.

Starting at $375

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So, a bit about me... the names Amanda Kohal

Experienced marketer, digital strategist and branding expert, I found my way into entrepreneurship after I got "asked to leave" my corporate job. It was then that I decided to go all in and start, THE WOLFE CO.; an online platform, community and academy teaching entrepreneurs how to build and market their brands through digital and social media.

A firm believer in creativity, a good brainstorming sesh and empowerment, Amanda is committed to providing a space for entrepreneurs to connect, learn and grow from one another. #collaborationovercompetition 

"Amanda helped me successfully launch my academy; Mind Your Body in just two months. She took all of the ideas I had in my head and broke them down into actionable steps. She helped with my marketing strategy, sales funnels and launch plan. I highly recommend her work process."

Ximena Cardenas
Founder, Glowlistica

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